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Why You Should Have Your Hardwood Refinished

Having hardwood floors installed in your home is an investment. But, with that investment comes a few perks that you can’t get with other hard surface floors. One of those perks is the ability to have your floors sanded down and refinished. Sanding and refinishing should be part of your routine hardwood maintenance every few years. It will not only extend the life of your floors and protect your investment, but it will keep those floors looking wonderful.

What is Sanding and Refinishing?

Hardwood sanding and refinishing is just exactly what it sounds like. A professional contractor will come to your home and sand down the surface of your floors, once that is complete, they will apply a new finish coat to the surface of your floors. Your hardwood will look as good as new!

Why would I Want to Resurface My Hardwood Floors?

Resurfacing your floors has several benefits. First, if your floors are starting to show signs of wear and are scratched, going through the refinishing process will breathe new life into your floors. This will not only bring their appearance back to life, it will also extend the life of your floors so that they will not need replacing. Another reason you may want to consider refinishing is if you have any damaged planks. Damaged hardwood planks can be a safety hazard, you may acquire scratches or splinters from a damaged plank, not only that but if the damage is extensive enough pests can take up residence there and that alone can cause further damage to the floor. Refinishing your hardwood floors will repair those issues, if the damage is extensive enough fully replacing the planks in question may be part of the process.

Money Saving

Another benefit of having your floors going through the sanding and refinishing process is that it will save you money overall. When hardwood floors start to show signs of wear, you can have them refinished instead of having to have them replaced. Refinishing costs much less than having new floors installed in your home. Most hardwood floors can be resurfaced multiple times over the years thus giving them a longer life than some of the other floors out there.

The sanding and refinishing process is best done by a trusted professional. Our experienced staff here at Midbay Flooring is prepared and equipped to get the job done right for you! We have two locations: one in Niceville, FL and one in Crestview, FL. We proudly serve these communities and their surrounding areas. Let us help you breathe life into your hardwood floors again. We are here to assist you.

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